Local Love
Holiday Arts Festival

Presented by Musepop and Terra Gallery

Exhibition Plan | Covid Safety

We are presenting this exhibit under far more strict rules than the 25% venue capacity guidelines that the city of San Francisco has provided for museums, galleries, and retail. Our program will run at less than 10% capacity to make this event a safe and enjoyable experience for all.

We will sell timed entry to the event in 1 hour increments to maintain a less than 10% capacity at all times. Ticket purchasers will be informed of the event rules and Covid guidelines at the time of purchase.

The interior location is 24,000 square feet with a capacity of 1450 persons. There is another 6,000 square feet exterior with social distanced tables. There will be no more than 100 people onsite at anytime including employees, and this includes both interior and exterior spaces.

All guests will be required to social distance 6 feet and wear masks at all times both inside the exhibit, and in the exterior area when not eating or drinking.

We will provide two unique points for Covid signage displayed on-site. One will be at the gated entrance to the exterior communal area, and one will be at the entrance of the interior exhibiton. We will also have signage points for the bathroom facilities and at different points in the interior exhibition as a general reminder as guest flow through the space.

Exhibition Flow

Event patrons enter the event from the exterior gated entrance where there will be staff checking for masks and presenting the event rules and signage. There is food and drinks provided by a local food trunck vendor in a social distanced outdoor setting according to SF city guidelines for outdoor restaurants and cafes.

Patrons are allowed to enter the exhibit in small groups of two people at a time. Once the patrons have progressed through the initial portion of the exhibit, another group is allowed to enter.

The exhibition is one directional. This means patrons enter through the ground floor and exit through the upper floor which has a ramp back to the street. Patrons do not come back through the exhibit at any time to promote social distancing. Patrons are allowed to return to the outdoor communal area as long as the capacity numbers permit. There will be a second line for re-entry that is different from the entry line.

The exhibition is touchless per covid guidelines, and people can purchase items and make donations to the participating artists by using their smart phone to scan a QR code. Upon scanning the code, the smartphone will automatically link then to the arist page with purchasing and donation options.

Hi-Res Exhibit Map PDF
Local Love Exhibit Map