Local Love
Holiday Arts Festival

Presented by Musepop and Terra Gallery

This exhibit has been postoned due to Covid restrictions. A new date will be forthcoming when it is safe to gather again indoors. The call for artists below will remain open.

We are presenting an outdoor holiday bazaar featuing Bay Area arts, crafts, fashion and accessories during the weekends of December 12-13 + 19-20 at Terra Gallery in San Francisco.

Please click here for event information.

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About the Venue

Terra Gallery - 511 Harrison St. San Francisco, CA

Terra Gallery is one of San Francisco’s premier event venues. Their physical interior capacity is 1450 persons with 24,000 square feet of open exhibition space on two floors. They have an additional 6,000+ square feet of gated exterior space for social distanced food and drinks. Each day during the festival, we will present a new, outdoor culinary experience with a different local business providing the food. We will maintain a less than 10% capacity at all times.

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Call for Artists

The festival exhibition program at Terra Gallery is open to any artist or group working in any medium who currently reside in the San Francisco Bay Area. The only other requirement is that this is a touch-less exhibit per Covid guidelines. The Bay Area is defined as these nine counties: Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Solano, and Sonoma. To review the venue and exhibit maps: Terra Gallery PDF


We are looking for installations, sculptures, murals, light, sound, video, and photography installations. We are leaning towards larger exhibits and immersive installations, but we are open to any ideas from the community.


Due to the number of artists and other factors, we will not be able to provide insurance for individual artworks. The exhibition location is secure with an alarm system and video cameras.

Deadline for Submissions:

This call is open until we choose a new date.

Installation Dates:

TBD (To make the installation period safe, we will need to schedule times for each artist / group to safely install).

Submission Info:

Please email events@musepop.io with the title Local Love Festival Submission and provide the following information:

1) Your name or group name (If group, please provide the names of all persons in your group).
2) The city in which you live.
3) Your email and phone number.
4) Your proposal idea and/or photos of your existing installation.
5) The amount of space required for your installation.
6) Approximation of how much time you will need to install your project.
7) Any support you will need for the installation. Transportation, monetary, materials, build support etc. Let us know your plan and how we can help you make it happen.
8) Please provide a link to your website and/or other online presence like Instagram etc so we can get an idea of your work.

Installation Support:

We have a limited budget to support installation needs. We are hoping participating artists and groups can be as self sufficient as possible. We have some material donations and free warehouse space for pre-installation build needs that can be scheduled by appointment. We will also have a build team on-site to support you. We have a 44” wide large format printer which can help some artists with large image printing if needed. We will also have some free trucking options for artists that need transportation during the installation windows. In other words, we are going to do our best to support you! Please let us know how we can help in your proposal.

Payment to Participating Artists:

For the in-person exhibit the payment structure is as follows:

Tickets will be $30 for the event.

1/3 of all ticket sales go to the participating artists fund. We will also have a $30 donation ticket for those who cannot attend the event, but want to support the artists. 100% of the donation ticket goes to the artist fund.
1/3 goes to the production costs, event staffing, promotions, installation, general liability insurance, and web development.
1/3 goes to the venue who has agreed to provide a drink with each ticket purchase.

How the Payment Structure Works:

For each ticket sold, $10 goes into the general artist fund. Each artist or group will receive a unique ticket link and they will receive 50% or 5$ per ticket attributed to their ticket link. The other half will go into the general artist fund. We think this is the most democratic way of handling sales and promotions attributed to each artist or group. Also for groups that have more than one member, we will explore giving them more shares for larger installations built by more than one person. This seems to make sense for installations that say are a single artist who provides a mural and a team of 4 people that install something larger or more complex. All artists and groups will receive one unique ticket link for their promotions. We will define the exact payment structure in a community meeting with all the participating artists. All ticket data will be published post event for all to see.

What is the Event Capacity?

Currently we plan on being open 5 hours per afternoon/evening on the weekdays and 8 hours per day on the weekends. This means there are 6200 available tickets for the whole in-person event (100 per hour). With consideration of the fact that many people are not comfortable going out in public, we think it will be very successful if we can average at least 100 tickets sold per weekday and 200 per weekend day. That is 1400 tickets.

Online Platform & Sharing the Love:

We will have a new Local Love online exhibition platform for artists to showcase and sell additional works beyond what they are showing in the exhibit. (You can view Local Love 1.0 here). You are not required to use this system to sell additional works. We will gladly link to your existing online gallery if you have one.

We do ask that all artists choose a local non-profit organization and commit to donating at least 10% of anything sold on the platform to the organization of their choice. This will help further spread the Local Love and we will also help you promote your benefitting organization. The Local Love platform will take 5.5% of anything sold on the platform as a fee for organizing each online artist gallery. The credit card processing fees are 3% and we are using Stripe as our payment platform. This means that artists will receive 81.5% of sales on the online exhibit platform. Your artist pages will also have a direct donation link and you will get 100% of any donations made to you by patrons.

We will encourage patrons to make donations and sales to individual artists and groups during the exhibition and everyone will get a QR code next to their installations for a quick and touch-less way to explore additional works per artist.

About Local Love

Local Love started in March 2020 as a weekly online exhibition platform to provide emergency Covid funding to local artists working in any medium. We worked with 63 artists and groups during 8 weeks of online exhibits and we also had a gallery to support local organizations. You can view Local Love 1.0 here. Local Love is about coming together as a community and supporting each other. Supporting local is very powerful on many fronts, and we encourage everyone to think about spending their money locally during the holidays. We will have a new Local Love online exhibition platform for artists to sell additional works beyond what they are showing in the exhibit, and also to accept donations from patrons.

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Vendor Opportunities:

Each event day we will have a space for a local food truck, and we will have a few spots for local fashion or craft vendors outside in the gated area during the weekend days. The spaces would be provided free of charge with no vendor fee to participate. For the food vendors, we will be providing all of the compostable food items, plates, cups and utensils. Please email events@musepop.io if you would like to participate in the food or vendor program.

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Bay Area companies interested in exploring Local Love sponsorship opportunities can contact: events@musepop.io We will respond a sponsor deck. Thank you!

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